New billboard shames Rep. Knight for pre-existing conditions betrayal

Billboard about pre-existing conditions

Congressman Steve Knight voted to make health care more expensive for people with pre-existing conditions.

Health care remains a top issue for the midterm election, and a new billboard in Southern California draws attention to Rep. Steve Knight’s voting record on the issue.

“Congressman Steve Knight Voted Against Your Pre-Existing Condition Protections. Call Him and Ask Him Why,” reads the billboard at the corner of Magic Mountain Parkway and Railroad Avenue in Santa Clarita.

The billboard message is the result of a joint effort between the SoCal Health Care Coalition and California 25 United for Progress. In a joint statement, the groups say the billboard is meant to draw attention to Knight’s hypocrisy on this important health care issue.

The Affordable Care Act guarantees protections to people with pre-existing conditions, ensuring health insurance agencies cannot deny them insurance nor charge them more.

Yet Knight has repeatedly, and with no regrets, voted to take away health care protections from individuals with pre-existing conditions. One of the bills Knight voted for would have resulted in “spiraling costs for people with preexisting conditions,” according to the Washington Post.

Shelley Preston, a retail manager and mother of two daughters, spoke at the unveiling of the billboard. “I am a proud cancer survivor and my youngest daughter lives with a chronic condition that has already resulted in multiple brain surgeries in her young life,” she said. “Due to my health battle and my daughter’s, I have seen first-hand the impact that healthcare policy has on our families and communities.”

“Steve Knight doesn’t get it,” she continued. “He wants to strip away insurance coverage for people like us.”

Knight has been reluctant, at times, to bring up his health care voting record. At his first debate with Democratic challenger Katie Hill, Knight tried to avoid the subject altogether.

But with this billboard in place, residents will be continually reminded of Knight’s votes in Congress.

The two groups say that the billboard will remain up until election day, Nov. 6.