Dana Rohrabacher silent as Trump attacks special counsel Robert Mueller

Donald Trump

Trump threatens a constitutional crisis if he fires special counsel Robert Mueller, yet Rep. Dana Rohrabacher remains shamefully silent on the matter.

Embattled Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher of Orange County, aptly referred to as “Russia’s Favorite Congressman,” has remained silent in the days following Trump’s Twitter rant attacking special counsel Robert Mueller.

After his personal lawyer publicly called on the Justice Department to end the investigation, Trump spent most of this past weekend attacking Mueller. Trump even, for the first time, used Mueller’s name in a tweet, saying, “The Mueller probe should never have been started.”

“Trump’s new attacks over the weekend against the man leading the Russia probe put renewed pressure on California House Republicans already facing a tough reelection campaign,” notes the L.A. Times.

When the L.A. Times reached out to all 14 California Republicans for comment on Trump’s attacks, only five responded.

Russia-friendly conspiracy theorist Rohrabacher has remained shamefully quiet. He won’t even give a bland comment in support of Mueller’s investigation.

But Rohrabacher has plenty of reasons to keep mum, which should worry voters. His name has been brought up in Mueller’s investigation, and his ties to individuals linked to the probe continue to surface. Close Trump ally Erik Prince, who is being investigated by special counsel Robert Mueller, recently hosted a fundraiser for Rohrabacher.

As a Washington Post’s op-ed said, “The party that lambasted liberals for supposed insufficient support of law enforcement looks the other way as the Republican president wages a scorched-earth war against the FBI and the Justice Department.”

It was only after a weekend of painful silence and conflicting statements from overwhelmed Republican lawmakers that another Trump lawyer released a damage-control statement containing “assurances” that Trump is not considering firing Robert Mueller.

Unfortunately, those “assurances” are directly contradicted by Trump’s own words, by his history of firing leaders who are directly involved in investigating him, and by the fact that Trump actually did order the firing of Mueller last year — an order that his White House counsel refused to carry out.

The New Republic’s Jeet Heer called surrendering to Trump, “a dereliction of constitutional duty.” But Rohrabacher continues to stand by Trump through every instance of reckless, unhinged behavior. In fact, Rohrabacher is one of the few Republicans who would welcome Trump joining him on the campaign trail.

“When the history of our nation during this awful period is written, the GOP should be dragged and shamed for its part in it,” says Capehart.

Rohrabacher is lagging in recent polls, and voters may take the opportunity to shame him right out of office in November.

Tommy Christopher contributed to this article.