Deeply unpopular Trump threatens to campaign with loyalists like Rep. Mimi Walters

Congresswoman Mimi Walters

By siding with Donald Trump over the wishes of her constituents, an unpopular Trump may hit the campaign trail for the embattled Rep. Mimi Walters.

Even though her district voted for Hillary Clinton, Rep. Mimi Walters (R-Orange County) has thrown her wholehearted support to Donald Trump. No matter how unpopular a piece of legislation may be in Orange County, if Trump wants it done, he can count on Walters.

The major legislative initiatives of 2017 — health care repeal and a tax bill — were deeply unpopular in Walters’ home state.

Walters voted for every Republican version of repealing the Affordable Care Act despite the fact that a strong majority of Californians (58 percent) would prefer Republicans working with Democrats to fix the ACA.

When Trump wanted a win on a tax bill, Walters turned her back on Californians to champion a bill that would raise taxes on working-class Californians while lavishing billions of dollars in tax cuts on wealthy heiresses like Paris Hilton.

While the rest of the public waits for special counsel Robert Mueller to investigate Trump’s involvement with Russia during the 2016 campaign, and any possible cover-up, Walters already has her mind made up. Walters has decided that impeaching Trump is absolutely not an option, no matter what comes from the investigation.

“If the Democrats win the House they will start impeachment proceedings on Donald Trump,” Walters said. “They’re already talking about it, that is one of the reasons why we need to be sure that we maintain the majority.”

That is an incredible amount of loyalty to Trump, and he may seek to reward her for such loyalty.

In a recent interview with Reuters, Trump declared that he would campaign, “probably four or five days a week,” to help Republicans get elected. Trump indicated that he “would likely focus on the November general election in which Democrats are trying to wrest control of Congress from the Republicans.”

If that is the case, then Walters is a prime candidate for a visit from Air Force One.

Walters is often named as one of the top Republican targets as Democrats hope to retake control of the House. Seven candidates have already filed for the chance to unseat Walters, raising a combined $2 million compared to $1.5 million raised by Walters.

If Trump comes to campaign for Walters, as an act of appreciation for all that Walters has done for the Trump agenda, his presence might not be all that helpful.

Trump’s approval rating in California hovers around 28 percent, which is abysmal. Perhaps this is why Trump became the first president since Dwight D. Eisenhower to avoid visiting America’s most populous state during his first year in office.

But in some southern California congressional districts, Trump is polling higher than Republican incumbents.

Both Reps. Steve Knight and Dana Rohrabacher are less popular than an unpopular Trump in their respective districts.

Walters has placed her full faith in the Trump agenda, willing to go against the wishes of her constituents in order to help Trump in any way she can.

Whether Trump visits or not, voters who rejected Trump in 2016 will have to decide if Walters continues to be the best option to represent their interests when they go to the polls in November.