Fox News smacks Trump’s DOJ attacks: ‘It’s your Justice Department!’

Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy

Even 'Fox & Friends' hosts don't buy Trump's spin.

Phoning into his favorite Fox News show, “Fox & Friends,” on Thursday morning for a long, rambling interview where he played his greatest hits (“No collusion!” “Witch hunt!”), Trump actually got called out — briefly — by co-host Steve Doocy while complaining about the state of his Justice Department.

Whining again about former FBI Director James Comeny and how dark forces were supposedly aligned against him and working to bring him down, Trump lashed out, “If we had a Justice Department that was doing its job…..”

But even Doocy had to point out that it made little sense for Trump to complain about the DOJ since, y’know, Trump currently runs the DOJ.

“It’s your Department of Justice!” Doocy stressed. “Mr President, you’re the Republican in charge — you’ve got a Republican running it!”

Trump then comically claimed that while the Justice Department answers to him, he’s remained completely hands-off while his presidency remains under investigation.

Instead, of course, Trump constantly rails on Twitter about his attorney general, Jeff Sessions, and makes obvious threats against officials.

The Thursday morning exchange was telling in terms of highlighting how removed from reality Trump has become and how heavily he leans on conspiracy theories. It’s to the point where he’s condemning his own administration for allegedly plotting against him.

Even for Fox News hosts, that makes no sense.

Note that Trump hasn’t sat down with an actual journalist for a one-on-one interview since May 2017, when Trump blurted out to NBC’s Lester Holt that he fired Comey because of the ongoing Russia investigation. (Trump’s phone-in to Fox News still doesn’t count as a legitimate interview.)

Comey’s firing then prompted the naming of special counsel Robert Mueller.

Ever since then, Trump has both hid from the press and conflated wild claims about rogue forces within law enforcement trying to take him down.

As the Fox interviewed dragged on Thursday, Trump was still lamenting, “I’m very disappointed in my Justice Department.”