GOP poll shows Americans don’t believe Rep. Knight’s tax bill lies

Congressman Steve Knight

Americans know the Republican tax plan, backed by Rep. Steve Knight, benefits wealthy corporations and millionaires, not middle class families.

Voters know a bad deal when they see it, and voters are adamantly opposed to the Republican tax bill championed by Congressman Steve Knight (R-Palmdale).

By a margin of 61 percent to 32 percent, voters say the tax bill benefits “large corporations and rich Americans” over “middle class families,” according to a leaked internal Republican poll obtained by Bloomberg.

“We’ve lost the messaging battle on the issue,” the memo accompanying the poll laments.

It’s not just the messaging that has failed; the bill itself has failed to do what Republicans like Knight promised.

Big banks saw record $60.2 billion profits in early 2018, soaring 25 percent higher than this time last year, according to Reuters.

Wealthy CEOs “have been profiting handsomely by selling shares since Trump signed the law on Dec. 22 and slashed corporate tax rates to 21 percent,” says Politico. Meanwhile, wages for American families have stagnated or fallen since the tax bill passed.

The tax bill was written to benefit the wealthy, with more than 80 percent of the benefits going to the richest one percent of Americans.

When Republicans were moving the bill through Congress, Knight vowed the plan “puts American families first.”

But that’s simply not true. In fact, an exhaustive analysis by the New York Times concludes “it doesn’t do any of what they promised.”

While Knight and other Republicans tried to spin news about bonuses to workers, a new analysis from the Economic Policy Institute shows there is no data to support claims of widespread tax cut-inspired bonuses.

“Press releases—’a flurry of corporate announcements’ — by a small group of administration-supporting firms do not create widespread bonuses or wage growth for workers,” the analysis shows. “Neither do tax cuts, at least within the first six months.”

For Californians, the tax bill is even worse, as close to one million people will be forced to pay higher taxes. Thousands in Knight’s own district are adversely impacted by the cap on state and local tax deductions, resulting in higher federal tax bills.

Knight and Republicans did their best to pull the wool over the eyes of voters, but even their own internal poll shows Americans see right through it.