Congresswoman Walters keeps campaign cash from disgraced RNC money man

Congresswoman Mimi Walters

Congresswoman Mimi Walters' close ties to Trump and his associates continues to drag her into the muck that surrounds him. 

Congresswoman Mimi Walters (R-Irvine) is keeping $2,700 she received from a top Republican campaign fundraiser — even after he resigned in disgrace when reports showed he paid $1.6 million in hush money to a woman he had an affair with.

Until recently, Elliot Broidy was the deputy finance chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC). He abruptly resigned when the Wall Street Journal reported he was embroiled in a hush money scheme similar to that between Trump and actress Stormy Daniels. In fact, the same lawyer, Michael Cohen, reportedly negotiated both settlements.

“President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer negotiated a deal in late 2017 to pay $1.6 million to a former Playboy model who said she was impregnated by a top Republican fundraiser, according to people familiar with the matter,” reported the Wall Street Journal. Broidy confirmed the affair, and said in a statement, “She alone decided that she did not want to continue with the pregnancy and I offered to help her financially during this difficult period.”

In July 2017, Walters accepted the maximum allowable campaign contribution, $2,700, from Broidy, a married man who gave financial support to help a woman he had an affair with obtain an abortion. Walters uses her perch in Congress to fight tooth and nail against the ability of women to made decisions about their own bodies, receiving a lifetime zero percent rating from Planned Parenthood Action Fund. In fact, Walters voted for a bill to cut patients off from care at Planned Parenthood.

Yet she will gladly take the money of a prominent man who paid hush money to help finance his mistress’ abortion and look the other way, apparently hoping no one will notice the hypocrisy.

Walters is also tied to another Trump controversy, as they both used the services of scandal-plagued Cambridge Analytica, the company accused of misusing the Facebook data of millions of users.

Further, Broidy is the second member of the RNC finance team to resign in disgrace. Steve Wynn, former RNC finance chair, resigned following allegations of rape and sexual harassment.

In 2017, the Republican Party made headlines demanding Democrats return money from liberal supporter Harvey Weinstein after multiple allegations of sexual harassment surfaced. “In light of these allegations, it’s time for Democrats to return Harvey Weinstein’s dirty money,” NRCC spokesman Matt Gorman said.

Many Democrats donated the contributions from Weinstein to charities focused on helping survivors of rape and sexual abuse.

The Republican Party has yet to return any money from Broidy or Wynn. Walters is keeping it as well, knowing her Democratic challengers are raising significant funds as they try to oust her in November.

Republicans like Walters have not released any statement as to why they hold themselves to a lower standard than Democratic counterparts.

In the words of the chair of Walters’ own Republican Party, Ronna McDaniel, “Returning this dirty money should be a no-brainer.”