Mimi Walters’ extreme loyalty to Trump could be her downfall

Congresswoman Mimi Walters

Rep. Mimi Walters has voted in line with Trump's wishes an astounding 98.6 percent of the time, even when it comes to issues that hurt Californians.

Even though voters in her district rejected Trump in 2016, Rep. Mimi Walters (R-Irvine) will stop at nothing to support, defend, and enact Trump’s agenda.

Scouring the country, it is almost impossible to find a more loyal devotee to the Trump agenda than Walters. According to FiveThirtyEight’s analysis, Walters has fallen in line with Trump’s demands an incredible 98.6 percent of the time.

With Trump’s popularity in California continuously hovering around 30 percent, Walters’ wholehearted embrace of Trump may have consequences in the 2018 midterm election.

According to Yahoo News:

If the 2018 midterms are a referendum on the president, as most midterms are, Walters hasn’t given voters inclined to vote against Trump any particular reason to vote for her. Their agendas are identical.

Walters has said as much in her own words.

“It is very important that Republicans back the president,” she said in October 2017. “He’s the president of our party. He stands for what we stand for.”

Walters made this statement embracing Trump after this administration tried multiple times to implement a Muslim Ban, the same month Trump embraced white nationalists and neo-Nazis in the wake of a hate-filled march in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Walters offered this encouragement to Republicans to stand by Trump even after the infamous Access Hollywood tape came out, where Trump giddily bragged about his proclivity to sexually assault women.

Through all of Trump’s racist, sexist, and otherwise unbecoming behavior, Walters not only refuses to speak out against him, but boldly declares that she stands for what he stands for.

On the policy side, there is no daylight between Walters and Trump.

When it came to the biggest legislative issues in the Trump era thus far — repealing Obamacare and implementing the hastily written, and error-riddled, GOP tax bill — Walters emphatically voted for both. She did so despite the fact that “both decisions that were broadly unpopular in California, where many voters rely on the state’s version of Obamacare and will lose valuable deductions under the new tax law,” according to Yahoo News.

Her votes on health care issues are responsible for significant increases in health care premiums for Californians — up to 30 percent next year alone.

Homeowners in Orange County can look forward to paying thousands more in taxes, because Walters would rather align herself with Trump than stand up for her neighbors. And while higher paychecks were promised, most Americans aren’t seeing any changes.

While Californians are stuck with higher taxes and more expensive health care, Wall Street titans are celebrating billions of dollars in stock buybacks, enriching executives and investors, but doing nothing for workers. (Walters pocketed a hefty campaign contribution from the Trump-aligned Koch brothers on the eve of the tax bill vote, so she made out just fine.)

On the environment, Walters is willing to pollute the pristine California coast with more oil rigs, egging on the Trump administration’s plan to expand offshore oil drilling. Her position is not surprising, considering she has cast more than 100 anti-environment votes while in Congress, earning herself a dismal four percent lifetime rating from the League of Conservation Voters.

On guns, Walters bragged about her NRA endorsement, and is quite proud of her A rating from the organization. While millions march for common-sense gun legislation to keep children across America safe, Walters has voted repeatedly to weaken gun rules, right in line with Trump’s wishes. She even voted to roll back a regulation designed to make it harder for people with very bad mental illness to buy a gun.

On issue after issue, Walters is the living embodiment of the Trump agenda, no matter how crass it may be or how harmful it is to her constituents.

Yahoo News notes that Walters’ “pro-Trump orthodoxy” is telling.

“If you’re searching for signs of a Democratic wave, watch Walters. It could start sweeping through her corner of California first.”