FACT CHECK: Rep. Mimi Walters supports Trump 99% of the time

Congresswoman Mimi Walters

Politifact concludes that Congresswoman Mimi Walters is one of Trump's most loyal supporters.

Whatever Trump wants, he can count on Congresswoman Mimi Walters (R-Irvine) to vote for it in Congress.

A massive tax break for Wall Street banks that hikes taxes on Californians? Walters stood with Trump, and turned her back on her home state.

Rip away health care from 23 million people, and decimate protections for people with pre-existing conditions? Trump wanted it, so Walters voted for it.

With Trump’s popularity in California hovering in the range of a root canal, Democrats are working to remind voters of Walters’ unwavering allegiance to him.

A recent ad by the Democratic-aligned House Majority PAC calls out Walters’ pro-Trump voting record, and Politifact decided to evaluate the claim.

It is true that Walters has supported Trump’s agenda in almost every case. FiveThirtyEight looked at 93 votes and found Walters on the side of the president 99 percent of the time. CQ said Walters agreed with Trump 100 percent of the time in 2017 in the votes they studied.

Walters voting record lines up with her rhetoric about Trump. Despite representing a district which supported Hillary Clinton in 2016, Walters steadfastly defends Trump as often as she votes for his agenda.

Not long after Trump sided with Nazis and white nationalists during the deadly Charlottesville riot, Walters demanded that all Republicans stand by him.

“It is very important that Republicans back the president,” Walters said in October 2017. “He’s the president of our party. He stands for what we stand for.”

Even after Trump’s embarrassing press conference with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, Walters refused to stand up and utter even a single word of condemnation. Her loyal silence brought about a scathing rebuke from the Sacramento Bee editorial board.

“If they won’t say a negative word about Trump after his pathetic performance Monday for fear that the president’s supporters will punish them at the polls, when will they ever?” the editorial board asked. “That’s the definition of political cowardice.”

Whether political expediency, political cowardice, or both, one fact remains abundantly clear: There is no daylight between Walters’ agenda and Trump’s agenda.

Here is the full ad evaluated by Politifact: