New analysis: CA Republicans should be very nervous about their unpopular tax bill vote

Congressman Steve Knight

An analysis of data shows that the tax bill "will doom Republicans" come November. And most California Republicans enthusiastically supported the bill.

Polling has consistently shown that the Republican tax bill — which will raise taxes on thousands of Californians while enriching billionaires — is one of the least popular bills ever proposed in Congress.

But a new analysis from The Nation shows that the bill could “doom Republicans this November.” Using data from Global Strategy Group and liberal-leaning group Not One Penny, the analysis focused on what type of statements about tax policy resonated with voters.

In a nutshell, the Republican tax bill, supported by most of the Republicans from California, including Palmdale’s Rep. Steve Knight, is just about the opposite of what voters want.

The Republican tax bill gives the top 0.1 percent an average tax cut of more than $190,000 in 2018, while the bottom 20 percent would receive an average benefit of a mere $60. Republicans claim, contrary to evidence, that showering the wealthy with money will magically grow the economy.

But when presented with the statement, “Lowering taxes on the highest-earning Americans will help grow the economy,” which is what Republicans promised with their bill, only 9 percent of registered voters strongly agreed, and only 19 percent somewhat agreed. Some 72 percent of registered voters either strongly disagreed or somewhat disagreed.

Voters were much more receptive to statements such as, “[M]aking sure the wealthiest Americans pay their fair share in taxes will help grow the economy.” This statement, which is in no way reflected in the Republican tax bill, was supported by 88 percent of respondents, with only two percent strongly disagreeing.

Voters know when politicians are being truthful about what a bill will do, and when politicians are trying to sell bogus talking points. Republicans, who refused to work with Democrats on this tax bill, are busy trying to pretend that it is something it is not.

“Our polling illustrates that the public strongly opposes tax cuts for themselves if the wealthy get most of the benefit, which is exactly what the GOP tax law passed by Congress will do,” said Not One Penny’s polling adviser Bryan Bennett.

In California, voters are facing a tax hike of roughly $2.8 billion so that folks like Paris Hilton can spend more money spoiling their pampered dogs.

Out of touch members of Congress like Knight gleefully gave the bill the support it needed to become law, despite the harm that would come to his constituents. In fact, California Republicans were the deciding votes ensuring that the bill became law.

This new analysis concludes that as a result of the tax bill, “the Republican party’s House and Senate majorities are at risk nationally.”

California Republicans who cast the deciding votes should definitely be nervous come November.