New poll shows voters may be ready to oust Rep. Mimi Walters

Rep. Mimi Walters

Rep. Mimi Walters is polling behind two Democratic challengers as voters disagree with her stances on taxes and guns.

A new poll has Rep. Mimi Walters (R-Irvine) losing to either of two Democratic challengers, and shows her on the wrong side of key issues voters care about.

If the election were held today, voters would choose either David Min or Katie Porter to send to Congress rather than Walters.  Min recently won an endorsement from the California Democratic Party, while Porter raised more campaign cash at the end of 2017 than Walters.

The poll helps show why Walters is falling out of favor with voters. On issues ranging from Trump’s performance, to guns, to the tax bill, voters are opposed to Walters’ positions.

While Orange County used to be a Republican stronghold in California, voters have soured on the job Trump is doing. A strong majority (54 percent) of voters in Walters’ district disapprove of his job performance, while only 44 percent approve.

Walters, meanwhile, adamantly and proudly supports both Trump and his agenda. Even after Trump praised white nationalists who marched along side neo-Nazis as “some very fine people,” Walters had this to say: “He’s the president of our party. He stands for what we stand for.”

In the wake of the tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida, an overwhelming 70 percent of voters want Congress to enact “strong new laws to reduce gun violence, including strong background checks and a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition clips.”

Walters, meanwhile, has voted to loosen gun restrictions every time she has had the opportunity. She has taken thousands of dollars from the NRA and bragged about receiving their endorsement. While she offers merely “thoughts and prayers” in the aftermath of horrific mass shootings, her constituents demand action.

Additionally, voters are not keen on the tax bill championed by Walters. Support for “reversing tax cuts for the rich and eliminating tax loopholes for large corporations, and [using] that money to make long-term investments in rebuilding our roads, bridges, and schools” hit 60 percent in the poll, with a mere 25 percent of voters opposed.

The response shows voters are aware the tax bill is a boon for Wall Street executives and the luxury private jet industry, but leaves workers behind. Walters and Republicans have been working overtime to sell the overhyped and underperforming tax bill, even resorting to mischaracterizing the bill she helped pass.

Given Walters’ allegiance to an unpopular Trump surpasses her faithfulness to her constituents, no wonder she faces an uphill re-election battle. Two other Orange County Republicans, Reps. Ed Royce and Darrell Issa, decided on their own not to return to Congress next year.

Looks like voters may make the same choice for Walters.