Voters protest Walters on 6-month anniversary of her unpopular tax vote

Constituents rally outside Congresswoman Mimi Walters' office

Constituents are furious that Mimi Waters voted to raise their taxes while giving breaks to Wall Street.

About 40 constituents with protest signs and retirement balloons gathered outside Congresswoman Mimi Walters’ Irvine office on Wednesday, the six-month anniversary of the Republican tax bill becoming law, to highlight her support for the unpopular measure.

“Time to retire, Mimi!” shouted one person in attendance.

Residents were clearly unhappy with Walters’ vocal and enthusiastic support of the bill, which will raise taxes on many of her constituents.

“The tax bill is going to raise my taxes by $600 to $800,” Mary, who declined sharing her last name, told SoCal Daily.

In fact, many residents in Orange County will see higher taxes. One study showed homeowners in the area will see taxes go up by as much as $4,500 this year alone. Overall, about 1 million Californians will owe Uncle Sam an additional $12 billion in taxes this year.

“She doesn’t care about her constituents,” Raleigh Souther told SoCal Daily. “She’s too right wing for us.”

A few speakers addressed the crowd from a makeshift podium with a sign reading, “Congresswoman Walters voted for higher taxes.”

Joe McLaughlin emphasized the tax bill favors the wealthy, with Wall Street executives seeing billions in stock buybacks. And it comes at the expense of residents in Walters’ district.

“Mimi’s vote for the tax bill is going to cost us money,” McLaughlin said. “She serves the 1 percent, not the rest of us. I’m urging her to retire!”

While the focus of the rally was Walters’ vote on the tax bill, Paul Beehler told SoCal Daily he was there to protest the Trump administration’s family separations at the U.S. southern border.

“I’m so horrified that our country seemed to embrace this action,” Beehler said. “I’ve voted Republican in the past, but not again.”

Megan, a high school student too young to vote, told SoCal Daily Holocaust survivors visited her class earlier in the year and told the students how important it is for people to speak out.

Seeing family separations in the news motivated her to take action to make sure history won’t repeat itself.

“No,” Megan said. “We’re not doing this again.”