Rep. Steve Knight joins GOP trend of deceiving voters on health care votes

Steve Knight - AP photo

Congressman Steve Knight voted time and again to take away protections for individuals with pre-existing conditions.

Cancer survivors, asthma patients, and individuals suffering from depression might be paying thousands more for health care if laws supported by congressman Steve Knight (R-Palmdale) had passed.

Knight and Republicans in Congress voted to weaken or outright eliminate protections for individuals with pre-existing conditions numerous times. None of those bills became law — because the Senate prevented it from happening — but Knight tried his best to drive up the health care costs of millions of families.

With the midterm election just weeks away, Knight and other Republicans are suddenly changing their tune about health care as voters regularly rank it as one of the most important issues this year.

“Numerous Republicans who are supporting attempts to dismantle Obamacare are simultaneously campaigning for election on their support for a core provision of the law,” reports Bloomberg.

Knight belatedly introduced a bill on the issue of pre-existing conditions mere weeks before the midterms. His press release generated positive headlines for him, but of course it did not tell the whole truth about Knight’s congressional voting record.

There’s good reason Republicans like Knight are running away from their past votes.

A Washington Post fact-check about the bill Knight supported showed it would result in “spiraling costs for people with preexisting conditions.”

Politifact pointed out that the GOP bill could cause people with pre-existing conditions “to pay thousands of dollars extra every year to remain insured.”

Knight isn’t alone in his efforts to lie by omission. In Missouri, Republican state Attorney General Josh Hawley is part of a lawsuit aiming to invalidate the entire Affordable Care Act, including protections for pre-existing conditions. At the same time the lawsuit is being debated in court, Hawley is cutting television ads arguing the opposite position: that he wants to protect people with pre-existing conditions.

Knight’s fellow embattle Republicans are using the same deceptive tactic. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Costa Mesa) is out with a misleading ad that ignores his history of voting against health care protections. And Rep. Mimi Walters (R-Irvine) is following the same untruthful path.

Knight voted for Trump and supports Trump 99 percent of the time, even as Trump has lied more than 5,000 times since entering the Oval Office.

Perhaps Knight’s proximity and loyalty to Trump means Trump’s dishonesty has rubbed off on him.