New poll says the GOP tax bill is incredibly unpopular in California

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The overwhelming majority of Californians (70 percent) say the tax bill will be either harmful or have no impact on their lives.

Californians are opposed to the higher taxes and corporate giveaways in the Republican tax bill, with a new poll showing opposition topping 60 percent.

While opposition is highest in Los Angeles and the Bay Area (67 percent in both), there is no region in California where approval of the bill outweighs disapproval, according to the Public Policy Institute of California poll.

The bill would not have become law without the help of California Republicans. Representatives like Mimi Walters (Irvine) and Steve Knight (Palmdale) championed the bill and gave it the final, necessary votes.

And Californians have every reason to be unhappy with it. Next year, Californians will make up 11 percent of the U.S. population, and will be forced to pay 17 percent of federal income taxes. As one California Republican admitted, “almost all of the bill’s tax cuts would be distributed to other states — leaving California with the bill.”

Millions of Californians will face higher taxes, especially homeowners. According to a recent analysis, homeowners in Los Angeles and Orange County face up to thousands of dollars of additional taxes this year alone. Knight and Walters even voted in favor of stripping provisions to help victims of California wildfires.

No wonder 42 percent of Californians think the bill will negatively impact their family, with fewer than 1 in 4 believing it will be helpful at all. Promises of larger paychecks for workers have yet to appear for most people.

While Californians are set to unfairly bear additional taxes, Wall Street executives are celebrating a rash of stock buybacks that primarily benefit the wealthy. Small business owners are also unhappy that the lion’s share of benefits are going to corporate titans.

And how did Republicans manage to pay for the massive giveaways to corporate America? With trillions of dollars of additional debt. The level of spending is so irresponsible that one of the major credit ratings agencies is worried about America’s fiscal stability.

Yet despite all the problems with the bill, Walters and Knight continue to mount a misinformation campaign to convince constituents that higher taxes with no benefits is somehow a good thing.

Those efforts are obviously failing, as Californians know a raw deal when they see it.