Morning Joe: Republicans like Rep. Knight are ‘lying through their teeth’

Congressman Steve Knight

"Oh my God, they're all lying," host Joe Scarborough said of Republicans like congressman Steve Knight.

The level of dishonesty from Republicans like congressman Steve Knight (R-Palmdale) is causing even former Republican members of Congress to lash out and call them liars.

“Oh my God, they’re all lying,” host Joe Scarborough, former Republican congressman from Florida, exclaimed after a video montage of several Republicans claiming they will protect the health care of individuals with pre-existing conditions.

An incensed Scarborough continued, reminding viewers that most Republicans across the country “are either suing to make sure that insurance companies don’t have to support pre-existing conditions, or they voted in Congress to make sure that insurance companies don’t have to pay for pre-existing conditions.”

Knight, while not featured in the video, followed the same path as those Scarborough excoriates. He campaigned on repealing the Affordable Care Act, the very law that protects individuals with pre-existing conditions. And when Knight was in office, he voted over and over to gut those protections. And like so many other Republicans, Knight is now scrambling to pretend that he cares about the issue.

But host Willie Geist sees through the ploy, noting Republicans who do this are “telling a lie to the voters who they want to vote for them.”

“They’re all lying through their teeth!” Scarborough added.

Residents in Knight’s district aren’t forgetting his votes, either. A group even paid for a billboard in Santa Clarita calling attention to it. Plastered in huge letters at the intersection of Magic Mountain Parkway and Railroad Avenue, the billboard reads, “Congressman Steve Knight Voted Against Your Pre-Existing Condition Protections. Call Him and Ask Him Why” and lists his office phone number.

National polls show health care is a top issue in the upcoming midterm elections, and voters overwhelmingly trust Democrats more than Republicans on the issue.

With the trust gap already significantly large, it is unclear how residents will react to Republicans like Knight “lying through their teeth” on the topic.