Poll shows Rep. Steve Knight on the wrong side of health care and taxes

Rep. Steve Knight

A Fox News poll shows Americans like Obamacare a lot more than the Republican tax bill.

Congressman Steve Knight (R-Palmdale) once again finds himself on the wrong side of two of the biggest issues in America. A new poll from Fox News shows Obama’s signature health care law, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), has a much higher approval rating than the massive GOP tax scam Knight voted for last year.

Knight voted to dismantle the popular ACA, or Obamacare, and enthusiastically supported the unpopular Republican tax bill.

The health care law enjoys support from 51 percent of registered voters, while the tax bill falls far short of a majority with only 40 percent of voters viewing it favorably.

While the views of self-identified liberals and conservatives are predictable (more liberals approve of the health care law and more conservatives support the tax bill), the views of self-identified moderates are striking.

Fifty-four percent of moderates support Obamacare. But only 32 percent support the tax bill.

When voters were asked about the most important topic in the upcoming election, health care tied with the economy for top priority.

Despite being so out of touch with most voters, Knight recently said he has no regrets about his vote to dismantle the ACA. While the Republican effort to repeal the law ultimately failed, Knight backed the repeal bill that passed the House of Representatives.

That bill would have left people with pre-existing health conditions vulnerable to being exploited by health insurance companies. According to Politifact, the Knight-backed bill would have gotten rid of the ACA’s crucial protections, once again allowing insurers “to charge people significantly more if they had a pre-existing condition like heart disease, cancer, diabetes or arthritis – possibly requiring people to pay thousands of dollars extra every year to remain insured.

While millions were able to afford health insurance because of the ACA, the Republican bill would have caused millions to lose access to health care. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimated 23 million people would have lost health insurance if Knight got his way.

But the Republican tax bill championed by Knight did become law — and the results have ranged from underwhelming to downright harmful for many Californians.

Research from the Franchise Tax Board shows that about one million Californians will owe an additional $12 billion in federal taxes because of changes supported by Knight. For homeowners in Los Angeles, a 30-year mortgage will cost up to $76,000 more because of new provisions in the tax bill.

Meanwhile, wages are falling compared to the summer before the tax bill became law, once adjusted for inflation.

One group that is coming out on top? Wealthy Wall Street investors.

Rich corporations are engaging in stock buyback schemes at a record pace. These schemes are lining the pockets of CEOs and investors, but doing little to nothing for average workers.

Knight is regularly listed as one of the most vulnerable Republican incumbents in Congress. Election experts rate the race as a “toss up,” and Democratic opponent Katie Hill has regularly raised more campaign cash than Knight.