Rep. Steve Knight votes to make California tax hikes permanent

Congressman Steve Knight

In one of his last votes in this Congress, Rep. Steve Knight tried to lock in higher taxes for more than a million Californians.

Congressman Steve Knight (R-Palmdale) doubled down on raising taxes on Californians, including thousands in his own district. The embattled congressman, who is facing a strong challenge from Katie Hill this election cycle, once again sided with Trump to help pass another tax bill.

McClatchy reports that the bill could “hurt vulnerable GOP candidates in California,” and Knight is listed among them. The bill passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 220-191, with Knight voting in favor.

The bill builds upon the unpopular tax bill passed in 2017, and will “make a $10,000 cap on state and local tax deductions permanent rather than expiring in 2025, which creates a political problem for California Republicans struggling to get re-elected.”

McClatchy lays out the tax hike that Knight just voted to make permanent:

More than a million Californians claim more than $10,000 for the state and local deduction, with the average claimed deduction $18,517 in 2016.


That means on average, Californians who use the deduction will owe more than $8,000 in federal income taxes per year while the current cap is in place. For most, that’s substantially more than the benefit they receive from tax cuts.

As SoCal Daily recently reported, more than 185,000 people in Knight’s district used this deduction in 2016. In at least one area of the district, the average deduction was nearly $34,000, more than triple the cap Knight once again voted to support.

Knight’s vote to support such a cap flies in the face of promises he made to his constituents. When the original tax bill was moving through the House, Knight said that dealing with the cap on this deduction was his “number one priority.”

Once again, Knight turned his back on his constituents to support Trump’s agenda. Since Trump was elected, Knight has voted with Trump 99 percent of the time, even when it means his vote will hurt his own district.

Knight has said he has no regrets about voting to raise taxes on Californians last year, and he continues to stand by Trump in one of the last votes before the midterm election.