‘The View’ rips Rep. Dana Rohrabacher: ‘One of the worst congressmen’

Hosts of The View discussing Rep. Dana Rohrabacher

The women of The View discussed outlandish claims by Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, with Sunny Hostin saying he "scares the heck out of me."

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-Costa Mesa) made national news this week after his apparent support of training children to use guns. The women of “The View” thoroughly denounced Rohrabacher in no uncertain terms, with Republican Meghan McCain going so far as to describe him as “one of the worst congressman in office.”

After showing a clip of Rohrabacher advocating for arming children in schools on Sacha Baron Cohen’s television show “Who Is America?”, the hosts can barely contain their disgust and outrage. McCain was the first to unload on Rohrabacher. After saying he is one of the worst congressmen in office, she went further.

“There are jokes about close he [Rohrabacher] is to Putin, that Putin actually pays him,” McCain said. “This isn’t the beacon of the Republican Party.”

McCain is referring to California Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy (Bakersfield), who once said he thought both Rohrabacher and Trump were on Putin’s payroll.

In just the few days following this episode of “The View,” Rohrabacher has zealously defended Russia more than once, saying Americans “can’t blame Putin” for criminal activity during the 2016 election, and ranting about “deep state” conspiracy theories after a Russian spy he met with was arrested.

Host Sunny Hostin, after noting Rohrabacher is a 15-term congressman and a senior member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, exclaimed, “This scares the heck out of me!”

Rohrabacher’s Democratic opponent, Harley Rouda, tweeted out a video compilation of these comments:

McCain, daughter of Republican Senator John McCain (AZ), wasn’t done lambasting Rohrabacher. She said:

I reject Congressman Rohrabacher. I fullheartedly reject him on every level. I don’t want to be associated with anything he has to do with.

In response to an earnest question of how people keep electing people like Rohrabacher, host Whoopi Goldberg speculated “weird people sometimes have done great stuff and then they lose their minds.”

Rohrabacher had another lackluster fundraising quarter after eeking out only 30 percent of the vote in the June 5 primary.

Rouda raised more than two and a half times as much as Rohrabacher and enters into the last few months of the campaign with more cash on hand than the scandal-plagued incumbent.

The most recent poll shows Rouda leading Rohrabacher by between 2 and 4 points.