Trump hands maximum donation to Rep. Walters after her unwavering loyalty

Congresswoman Mimi Walters

Congresswoman Mimi Walters has supported the Trump agenda 99 percent of the time since she began representing California's 45th District.

Congresswoman Mimi Walters’ staunch allegiance to Trump and the Trump agenda is paying dividends. In a list obtained by McClatchy, Trump is donating the maximum amount allowed by law to the Walters campaign: $2,000.

The donations, according to a press release from the Trump campaign, are meant “as a boost to these members of Congress so we can maintain the momentum of the Trump agenda.” Walters supports the Trump agenda 99 percent of the time.

Democrats were quick to call out the donation to an embattled Walters, who is in danger of losing her seat in an Orange County swing district Hillary Clinton carried in 2016.

“Congresswoman Mimi Walters is a rubber stamp for the President’s agenda: to make health care more expensive for Orange County families, and raise middle class taxes while corporations and the ultra-wealthy make off like bandits,” said DCCC spokesperson Drew Godinich. “This $2,000 check makes it clear that President Trump recognizes Walters is with her, every single step of the way.”

Godinich refers to two high-profile votes where Walters sided with Trump and against the interests of her own constituents.

On health care, Walters voted for the Trump-approved Republican health care repeal bill that passed the House. According to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, that bill would have caused 23 million people to lose health insurance, and would have caused health care premiums to increase had it not failed in the Senate.

The bill also aimed to drastically weaken protections for individuals with pre-existing conditions. Cancer survivors, individuals struggling with depression, those trying to overcome opioid addiction, and even pregnant women could have been charged thousands of dollars more for health insurance under the Walters-backed plan.

While Walters and Republicans failed to garner enough votes to make that plan law, they did bring about significant changes to health care policy through provisions in the unpopular tax bill.

Because of changes brought about by Congressional Republicans and Trump, a family of four in Walters’ district will see health care premiums increase by more than $2,500 next year. If Walters and Republicans had not sabotaged the Affordable Care Act, one study shows premiums would have gone down.

The second high-profile vote Godinich alludes to is the tax bill, which passed with only Republican votes. The promises from Walters and Republicans have not come to pass.

Wages for workers are falling, once adjusted for inflation. Job growth continues, as it had under President Obama, but there are fewer jobs created under the Trump administration than there was at the end of the Obama administration.

Two economic factors are increasing rapidly: taxes for Californians and the national deficit.

Thanks to provisions in the tax bill, about a million Californians are on the hook for an additional $12 billion in taxes. Homeowners in Orange County will see their taxes increase by up to $4,500 this year alone.

As Californians see taxes go up, the national deficit is also increasing. The tax bill will add roughly $2 trillion to the national deficit, to help pay for tax breaks for wealthy corporations.

While the tax bill balloons the national debt, billionaires and wealthy Wall Street CEOs are truly “making off like bandits.” Corporate profits are drastically increasing, but workers aren’t sharing in the economic boon.

Walters made sure to look out for Wall Street, ignoring those on Main Street who are being left behind.

And Trump is rewarding her with the maximum campaign donation allowable by law.