Voters blast Rep. Steve Knight for “hurting the poor” during holiday season

Voters are taking to social media to express dismay at Rep. Steve Knight's recent votes that hurt the poor and betray constituents.

Since Republicans in Congress are not taking a break from legislation that hurts the poor, an active citizenry is giving no reprieve to their representatives. Rep. Steve Knight (R-Palmdale) felt the full fury of unhappy constituents when he posted a photo of a small Christmas tree on Twitter.

Along with the photo, Knight tweeted, “Getting festive in Longworth!” — a reference to his Washington, D.C., office in the Longworth House Office Building.

While Knight may be feeling festive, his constituents are feeling betrayed.

“I wouldn’t feel very festive if I knew that I’d just sold out most of my constituents by voting for a tax bill that disproportionally affects them. But I guess you might as well enjoy your last Christmas in office,” wrote Juliana Sheldon, an advocate for teachers.

Robin Holden, a social worker, responded to Knight, saying, “It’s great that you can feel festive despite voting to raise our taxes.”

These two, and many others, are referring to the tax bill that recently passed the House of Representatives. As previously reported, this bill would be a massive tax increase for many living in Knight’s district.

The bill would also make college more expensive, and make student loans even more burdensome.

Further, the legislation would drive up the cost of medical treatment for chronically ill individuals and families.

When confronted by constituents for his vote in support of the bill — a vote roundly criticized by both Republicans and Democrats — Knight said that he hopes the Senate will fix it. Abdicating responsibility is cold comfort to those who feel let down by the person who is supposed to represent their interests.

Judging by responses on Twitter, no one is satisfied with Knight’s actions.

Hannah pointed out that the Republican tax scam bill would dramatically raise taxes on the poorest Americans. As she said, “Hurting the poor isn’t exactly in the holiday spirit.”

Knight may be feeling the warmth of this holiday season, but sadly, he left his constituents out in the cold.

Unfortunately, Knight more closely resembles the “bah humbug” spirit of Charles Dickens’ Scrooge character than the more giving and generous spirit typically associated with the holiday season.

In November of 2018, residents in his district will remember the votes of Christmas past, and Knight may be the one left out in the cold.